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GrInnLab 2024

GrInn Lab is a laboratory dedicated to innovation for sustainable development through experiments at an urban, local and territorial level, which combines theoretical research, applied research, innovation (including social) and technological transfer. Addressing the challenges and fractures that the ecological and technological transition is producing, the laboratory is based on an ecosystem approach to innovation in the dual sense of targeting the production of complex ecological, cultural, social impacts and of aiming to involve five main urban actors: public, private, social, educational-cultural-scientific, local communities and vulnerable inhabitants of cities.

Expiry Date: April 20 2024
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Adriano Contardi
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Valeria Lembo
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Zlabs 2024

Learn stakeholder engagement, technology transfer, quantitative analysis, and sustainable governance

Expiry Date: April 3 2024
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Livia Alegi
Mario Bentivenga
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XLabs 2024

X-labs is an original format developed for the M Sc Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability (LDIS) at Guido Carli LUISS University. The X-labs path was tested for the first time last year. In this second edition it is articulated in 8 weekly in presence sessions, scheduled in March and April, which aim to develop innovative system-oriented solutions in response to six thematic challenges set by the partners. 

Expiry Date: June 1 2024
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